#74 Watch a Formula 1 Grand Prix live – COMPLETE

From the ear piercing roars of the engines as they fly down the home straight to the nail biting hair pin corners to be manueved whilst aquaplaning – even for the non Formula 1 fans out there a day at the races is must for any lifetime. I would be lying if I said i was a huge fan, I do watch it most weeks as good background noise while I try and nurse a hangover or do some work (the latter could also be a lie) – but with the Henley boys coming out to visit me in Malaysia to begin our two weeks of travel together, it would be rude not to pay a visit to the Sepang International Circuit to see the second race of the 2013 season.

Sepang International Circuit - F1 Grand Prix

Formula 1 Grand Prix held at the Sepang International Circuit, Malaysia

It also wouldn’t be the same not to watch the Grand Prix without a hangover, which meant we HAD to go out the night before to explore the how the local Malays cut their shapes to Calvin Harris and the like (I think I have found the only nation that seem to enjoy/get involved with my style of dancing) – with heads pounding and party shades donned, we made our way into the Sepang Circuit to soak up the pre race atmosphere and see how many deuce signs we can throw into every picture.

Henley boys visit Sepang Circuit in Malaysia

Henley boys visit Sepang Circuit in Malaysia

Having pulled funny faces at those with ear plugs we soon realised it wasn’t such a bad idea after all -the noise from those cars was insane, if playing the drums far to loud for 10 years hadn’t done any damage, this was certain would do.

Admittedly, it would have been good to see a screen to at least half follow the race and understand what was going on, however, having paid only £12.50 for our tickets and being sat on a sun soaked hill with a chilled beer overlooking two main straights and four big corners – we couldn’t complain.

Me and the Boys at the Sepang Circuit for the F1

Me and the Boys at the Sepang Circuit for the F1

So there we have it, I may be going at a snails pace so far but I have finally reached double figures in my 101 goal. With 91 left and 52 months left until I am 30 (gulp) that leaves me with just under 2 to complete per month (1.75 to be exact)…. not that I am stats man or anything.

Stay Tuned

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