#98 Attend a Future Cinema event: Bugsy Malone at Fat Sam’s Grand Slam Speak Easy

“We could have been anything that we wanted to be” I cheerfully sing as I book the tickets to Future Cinema’s production of Alan Parkers charming gangster classic.

Bugsy Malone has always been a huge favourite of mine, as a child I would sit there with my sister in pure awe as I watch the child led gangster film, singing along to all the songs and my desire for getting my hands on a splat gun increasing each time I saw them in action.

Fast forward to my mid-twenties and an invite to attend “Fat Sam’s Grand Slam Speak Easy” screening of Bugsy Malone allowed me experience that same childish thrill once more.

Hosted by Future Cinema, the sister of Secret Cinema (or could be the brother, I am not entirely sure) they pride themselves on this unique experience of cinema going with the real attraction of the event not being the actual film itself. Confused? Stay with me.

Future Cinema creates a living, breathing experience of cinema – they allow you to immerse yourself into the experience by getting up-close and personal with actors and interactive set performances.

Stepping off the train in the East End, I follow an audience dressed head-to-toe in 1920’s regalia – going with the odds they are most probably heading in the same direction I am.

Welcome to a seemingly deserted East London side street, strutting down the sidewalk we are confronted by a busty blonde in a cloche hat with a fur resting on her shoulders. “How ya doin’ fellas?” she says in a sultry voice, “My name’s Tallulah, come a little closer, I have something to tells ya”

The entertainment outside the venue that followed was worth the ticket price alone, flying crates, gang fights and comical police chances in true 1920’s Bugsy style set the scene for the rest of the night.

Once we had handed our book to the clerk, we were assorted into the magical delights that the Troxy had to the offer – from the old gym, to the chinese launderette to the music hall that had been transformed into Fat Sam’s with roulette tables and candy floss – the whole place was a true homage to Alan Parker’s 1920’s hit gangster movie that brought my childhood memories flooding back.

For next couple of hours we were entertained in every direction from cabaret shows, to roulette games to boxing matches – each with little glimpses from the film itself.

Photo by: Future Cinema

As the film commenced the audience got involved in a good old-fashioned sing-a-long, having a jolly old time as they reminisced in the classics. Towards the end, I suddenly remember my favorite of those classics was still to come, which finally put into perspective what the rain ponchos under our seats were for… we were about to become the center of the final act involving splat guns and a plethora of cream pies.

Needless to say, what followed was a music hall full of child-like adults thinking they are young(er) once more, singing, dancing and throwing foam at each other as “you give a little love” is bellowed from the bottom of our lungs and the start of a two hour swing band led foam party begins.

This, ladies and gentleman, was a night like no other and will always go down as one of the best nights out I have ever experienced in London. #98 – COMPLETE!

Photo by: Future Cinema

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