War Horse Movie Premier in Leicester Square – #83 Complete

Yesterday evening I got my bucket list* off to a sterling start by attending the eagerly awaited movie premier of War Horse, the movie adaption of Michael Morpurgo’s 1982 children’s novel.

The whole experience was an absolute spectacle, from walking down the red carpet with hordes of people wondering if I am famous or not, to having Sir Steven Spielberg only metres away giving his pre show speech and his delight at working with such an incredible cast. I was so excited in fact that I donned my tux a good 6 hours before we were due to take our seats! Now in my defence, I was expecting my travels to take a lot longer than they actually were, which even confused the average Londoner, wondering if I was only just returning home from the previous nights antics or if I were in fact just early for a posh do. It was of course, the latter.

Having taken our seats after strutting the red carpet, we waited in anticipation for the special guests of the evening, Royals Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge, to follow in the footsteps of the cast, along with 600 servicemen and women (and the War Horse himself) down the red carpet, before taking their seats for the performance.

William and Kate walk down the red carpet for War Horse premiere

William and Kate walk down the red carpet for War Horse premiere

Steven Spielberg with Jeremy Irvine and Joey the horse

Steven Spielberg with Jeremy Irvine and Joey the horse

The movie itself seems to have split the UK film critics, with some saying it lacked in magic whilst others praised the adaption for its “touching saga of courage, loyalty and the truest of friendships”

I may be no film critic but I actually rather enjoyed the performance, which follows the journey of a Thoroughbred horse named Joey as he raised by Albert Narracott, a Devonshire farm boy, to the being taken to the battlefields of the Somme during the First World War by the British army. Many aspects of the westend stageplay hit are present in the film version including the mischievous goose and the portrayal of rural life in Devon which a striking resemblance to a bucolic Thomas Hardy short.

A mixture of beautiful scenery, charming musical score and a stella cast makes the film a certain must watch. Will it be enough to be as big a success as the stageplay? Only time will tell.



The one thing missing from completing the first task my list, was photographic evidence that I was actually there. However, I have been spotted! Yes its only a small spot but it shows me on the red carpet behind Cheska from Made in Chelsea, don’t I look so very happy to be there?


*Its actually my pre-30’s list but bucket list is so much easier to say!

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