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#63 Learn to wakeboard – COMPLETE

There have been a rare occasion or two when I have emerged from my sheets early in the morning, with just 3 hours sleep, after a night on the town – alas, I hadn’t been drinking in this town and the wake up call was going to lead to me completing my first “learning” item […]

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Food, Wine & Photography with Tom Aikens & David Griffen

Social media week is well underway and I was extremely honoured not only to do a workshop with one of the most respected food photographers in the industry, but in the company of award winning chef, @TomAikens, at his very own Tom’s Kitchen. To give you a quick 101, social media week is a week […]

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#58 Learn to sail – Now theres an idea

One of the reasons for starting this website/blog was to gain awareness for my “bucket list” and share my plans with friends, followers and other adventurers. In doing so, inviting those people to share their experiences, travels and own adventures to help me to tackle my list. On that note, I was catching up with an old University friend […]

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