8 months travelling and over 20 items to be ticked off the list

It’s official I am finally going travelling – well, that would have been how I started this blog post if I had wrote it 6 months ago when I originally intended do. If you have read my post about still being alive, you will have noticed I had a very busy summer, and now? Now I am currently in Kenya on the first stop of my 8 months adventures – part 1 of my plan to meet and travel the world.

I am going to do a little plug for myself here – go and check out my travel blog, see where I am and what I am up to – check out the photography and if I am coming to a city near you, let me know! I would love a tour guide.

So with my plans to travel Africa & Asia, I should be able to complete at least 20 or so items from my list, which I have listed below. This will take me up to 25/101 with 4 years left – leaving me 19 per year for my remaining years… not that I am counting!


101 List to complete on my travels

10 – Say yes for an entire week

16 – Work on a wildlife or marine reserve of conservation project in Africa

22 – Walk along the Great Wall of china

24 – Visit Taj Mahal

33 – Stay on a remote desert island

49 – Attend a full moon partya

51 – Island hop south East Asia

57 – Learn to surf

58 – Learn to sail

59 – Learn a new language

60 – Learn to cook

61 – Learn to sandboard (maybe?)

62 – Learn to swim better

6 3 – Learn to wakeboard

64 – Win a prestigious photography award

66 – Have photo published in Nat Geo

67 – Photographed an endangered species

73 – Swim with dolphins

76 – Skydive

77 – Fly a plan/helicopter

79 – Ride something bigger than a horse

81 – Hot air balloon ride

82 – Shower in a waterfall

88 – Have dinner with a family from a different culture

94 – Skinny dip at midnight

96 – Spend a week at sea


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