Where to start?

So the list is complete, its pretty big and rather ambitious but why make it easy? The hardest part is knowing where to start and which one to try and accomplish first. As I am in London for the next 8 months, there are a few obvious tasks which I can try and tackle first, in fact I shall go one better than that, I WILL tackle these… think Ill be up for the challenge?

#4 Get into shape

#68 Photograph an Olympic Games (officially)

#74 Gate crash a celeb party

#83 Go on the red carpet to a movie premier

#87 Eat a cornish pasty sat on a bench in a park, watching dogs

#89 Party in Paris (its only a couple of hours away!)

#90 See a real London opera

#91 Take part in a flash mob

#98 Attend a secret cinema sitting

#99 Dinner at Dans Le Noir

#100 Attend a celebrity party

Okay so thats only 12 over 8 months, leaving me with 89 tasks to complete over 59 months – thats one and half tasks per month… easy right? We’ll soon see

3 Responses to “Where to start?”

  1. Jez on 06/01/2012 #

    That’s a great list to accopmlish before your 30, and a couple of good ones to start yourself off in 2012.
    I look forward to hearing about your adventures! If you fancy some company and you’re lacking in crazy people to join you then hit me up! I’m not too far away.

  2. mrjoemorgan on 08/01/2012 #

    Hey jez, thanks for stoping by! Its certainly is ambitious but hopefully will get through them all. Welcome to come join me, which ones take your fancy?

    • Jez on 19/01/2012 #

      Well most of these here take my fancy really. 90, 91, 98, 100,101 would be cool to join you on. But really whatever you need help with or need some company. I’m up for anything and everything! If you wanna meet up to talk about some plans or something, that would be good!

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