#58 Learn to sail – Now theres an idea

One of the reasons for starting this website/blog was to gain awareness for my “bucket list” and share my plans with friends, followers and other adventurers. In doing so, inviting those people to share their experiences, travels and own adventures to help me to tackle my list.

On that note, I was catching up with an old University friend online the other evening after he had perused my list (that sounds naughty..) – we got talking about sailing and working on Super Yachts down in the South of France or the Caribbean… Hello Sailor!

Now I’ll be first to admit this isn’t truly sailing as I had intended it – but will give me my sea legs in order to “sail” the seas in which I can then look to learn to sail properly, and when I say sail properly, I mean on a boat where the movement is controlled with those large, usually fabric, foils they call sails.

However, the prospect of spending a season or two on a super yacht is somewhat appealing you’ll have to agree. So how do you get into it? Well, it sounds rather simple, pay £800 to complete a STCW 95 Course and then seek employment either walking up and down the dock or through an agency.

Although it would not technically count as completing #58 on the list “Learn to Sail” it will be a fantasic experience and it will mean I would have completed #96 – “Spend a week at sea” – so does that count as 1 and 1/2 birds with one stone? I doubt it – I can but ask though..

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