Food, Wine & Photography with Tom Aikens & David Griffen

Social media week is well underway and I was extremely honoured not only to do a workshop with one of the most respected food photographers in the industry, but in the company of award winning chef, @TomAikens, at his very own Tom’s Kitchen.

To give you a quick 101, social media week is a week (go figure) of workshops, seminars and debates taking place in 12 cities across the world, with the aim of exploring how local and regional societies, cultures, and economies are becoming more integrated & empowered through a global network of communication.

This evenings event was all about Food Photography, hosted by the incredibly  innovative and collaborative bunch over at Great British Chefs (thank you Ollie & Mecca)

After a warm welcome from Tom, David  Griffen took to stage to give us an insight into the world of food photography. For me I’ve always had a strong interest in food photography, not just due to that fact of me being a bit of a foodie but also the creative license you get with food. Put it this way, out of all the cook books I’ve bought to date, the only ones that have stayed in my book shelf are those with visually elegant photography.

From how to get natural lighting to the camera set up to neat tricks of the trade, David took the group on a whistle stop tour of food photography, before inviting the kitchen staff to bring out a beautiful array of dishes in which to allow us all to get involved with some creative image creation.

I made the conscious decision not to take my work horse, otherwise known as my 1D series Canon, instead of opting for my iPhone, primarily inspired by the words of Chase Jarvis when he said “the best camera is the one that’s with you” but also due to my interest more so in the creative aspect of food photography than the technical side.

So how did I do? Well, I’ll let you be the judges of that but what the session has done, is inspire me to go out there and get creative with food photography, so I have decided to add a honorary item to my bucket list of having my food photography published… Watch this space and see how I get on.. David – I might need some help!

First attempt at iPhone Food Photography - Copyright Joe Morgan

Take Two - this time with a little plug for Mr Aikens - Copyright Joe Morgan

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  1. David Griffen on 20/02/2012 #

    Thanks for the great post – glad you got some new info. If you need a refresher, a lot of what was covered in the evening is available to view at my blog:

    Feel free to leave any comments or questions, I am always happy to help!

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